Awakened by Decay

2015 - Wortcunner Records

1. Broken Corners
2. Rocky Beaches
3. The Black Sea Between Us
4. November
5. To the Many Places I'll Never Go
6. Underground Waves
7. Beyond Darkness

After taking a unofficial break that ended up lasting 10 goddamn years, we’ve pulled something new together. Written and recorded in Brooklyn by J. Hills, and mastered by the legendary Kramer Awakened by Decay is a soundtrack for the void beyond the darkness.

The fine folks at Wortcunner Records will be helping us get this out on 180 gram marbled vinyl this fall.


Minor Shadows

2003 - Ba Da Bing! Records

In 1983 He Loved To Fly
Life Indoors
Return To From Where We Came
The Sick
Black Lines
August 8:15
The Manual

“1 Mile North aren’t interested in definitions, in easily identifiable or “current” modes: this is a band that demands more of music than sequences and tones, invoking pasts their contemporaries are ignoring. This sonorous instrumental album divines new paths from ambient music’s more considered roots, reclaiming the wasted potential of its legacy. Merciless.”
9.0 Pitchfork

Hit up the amazing people at Wortcunner Records to snag a copy of the vinyl reissue.


Glass Wars

2001 - vinyl reissue 2015
Old Colony Recordings

New Clock
Have a Good One What
Parents Arrive
Evil Architecture
Escorting Deep Waters
Man Rounds Corner

Our first release. Good times. them.

“The duo mines a musical vein that can’t be called post-rock (too simple), can’t be called rock (it doesn’t), and can’t be called indie (its not hip enough). What Glass Wars is, though, is brilliant, beautiful, and moving.”

Hit up the amazing people at Wortcunner Records to snag a copy of the vinyl reissue.